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Projects - Aug 2021

Three areas of our research into spherical viruses include
1. Understanding the maturation of virusese
2. How to modify viral capsids for nano-medicines.
3. Interior modifications of viral capsid for drug encapsulation
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West Michigan Undergraduate Research Meetings
5th Gordon Research Conference on Physical Virology in Ventura, CA. Organized by amazing Tuli Mukhopadhyay and Wouter Roos! January 2019

Projects - Updates coming Fall 2021


Protruding Features of Viral Capsids Are Clustered on Icosahedral Great Circles
Protuding Features at PLOS1
Here we show that all spherical viruses use a common set of 21 sites within the Asymmetric Unit, which could have major implications on virus design and evolution.


David Wilson


Biophysicist, father.

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Research Group! 2018/2019

Fomer Students:

Archie Bhullar

Senior Physics and Math, Now a PhD Student at OSU

Working on Maturation of HK97


Skylar Rizzolo

Senior Physics and Computer Science

Normal modes of viral capsids


Gil Gonzalez

Senior Chemistry and Biology, now a PhD Student at Purdue

Modifications to CPMV


Danielle Roof


Viral Phrenology, Now a masters student at Tulane

Current and Past Students

Student Year Year/Title

Rob Hammond , 2016 “The Mechanical Properties of Spherical Viral Capsids”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Archie Bhullar , 2018 “6-D Lattice Phase Transformations in Viral Maturation”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Skylar Rizzolo , 2018 “Exploring Viral Maturation Pathways Using Normal Mode Flexible Fitting Software”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Adam Decker , 2019 “Understanding Normal Modes of HK-97” Sophomore Project, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Austin Cramer , 2019 “Examining the nonequivalence of affine extended point arrays and point sets from crystallographic projection”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Evan Voyles , 2019 “Decomposition of Virus Normal Modes into Spherical Harmonics”. Awarded Honors in Physics (Evan was a Chemistry and Math major)

Matt Turton , 2019 “Utilizing Point Arrays to Further Classify Spherical Viruses Exhibiting Icosahedral Symmetry”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Adam Decker , 2020 “Compactness of Icosahedral Viruses Reveals High Mass Packing of Protruding Features.” Awarded Honors in Physics, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Allison Frey , 2020 “Using Point Arrays to Further Analyze the Human Adenovirus Penton Base and Fiber Interaction in an Oncolytic Context”

Brandon Wright , 2020 “Localizing Epitope Locations Within Icosahedral Point Array Asymmetric Units and Capsid Depth for Canine Parvovirus and Human Rhinovirus-14”

Danielle Janowicz , 2020 “Characterizing Viral Protein Capsid Structural Changes Due to Maturation Using Icosahedral Point Arrays”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Danielle Roof , 2020 “Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationship Between Triangulation Number, Baltimore Classification, Hosts, Point Arrays, and Gauge Points of Each Type of Spherical Virus”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Blue Truong , 2021 “What Spherical Harmonics Don’t Tell You About Viral Normal Modes.” Sophomore Project, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Brianna Flinkinshelt , 2021 “Quantifying the key structural amino acid differences in the T3 Leviviridae phage family”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Lily Rogowski , 2021 “Examining Structural Changes of HBV due to multiple drug bindings using Point Arrays.”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Zachary Worthing , 2021 “Understanding Rhinovirus Antibody binding and structurally induced confirmations using Point Arrays.”, Student Awarded Grant Funding

Antelma Acosta , Spent 1 term in lab

Rachel Gallop , Spent 2 terms in lab.

Kayla Park , Spent 3 terms in lab

Aiden Hurley , Spent 4 terms in lab

Gil Gonzales , Spent 4 terms in lab

Hannah Shiner , Spent 4 terms in lab

Julia Dobrey , Spent 4 terms in lab

Lily York , Spent 4 terms in lab

Claire Kvande , Spent 1 term in lab, plans to continue Fall 2021

Mallory Dolorfino , Spent 1 term in lab, plans to continue Fall 2021

Marissa Dolorfino , Spent 1 term in lab, plans to continue Fall 2021

Maya Nathwani , Spent 1 term in lab, plans to continue Fall 2021

Hannah Willit , Oncology Crew

Shahriar Tafti , Oncology Crew

Shoaib Siddiqui , Oncology Crew