Gary S. Gregg
Professor of Psychology
Kalamazoo College


The Middle East:
A Cultural Psychology

          Oxford University Press 2005

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Culture & Identity in a Muslim Society

Oxford University Press 2007

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Books and Articles

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Research Reports

Socio-economic organization of the Imeghrane (with Alison Geist) Final Report tothe Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Service. Ouarzazate, Morocco, 1988.

Tinguerf: Traditional use and regulation of a Central High Atlas Pasture (with Alison Geist) Final Report to the U.N.F.A.O. and Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture. Rabat, Morocco, 1985.

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Law Reform in the Prevention and Treatment of Rape (with J. Marxh, A. Geist, N. Caplan, J. Harrington, and D. Sharphorn) Final Report to N.I.M.H. Wash., D.C., 1980.