Stephen Oloo

Department of Mathematics
Kalamazoo College
1200 Academy Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Stephen [dot] Oloo [at] kzoo [dot] edu


About Me

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Kalamazoo College. I enjoy learning and teaching mathematics and when not doing math I am likely helping out at my church or watching entirely too much soccer (i.e. real football). If you are one of my students you should know that I am invested in your success. Now go do your homework.


Math 112 (Calculus I)

Math 430 (Abstract Algebra II)

(SPRING 2017)


My research is in geometric representation theory. My dissertation was on the equivariant intersection cohomology of BXB orbit closures in the wonderful compactification of an adjoint algebraic group.

Fun Stuff

Fantastic History of Mathematics website. Especially the biographies.

Currently reading/Recently read:
The Way of Kings, Mistborn (trilogy), The Name of the Wind (FANTASY)
The Institutes of the Christian Religion, Don't Waste Your Life, Mere Christianity, The Reason for God,The Dawkins Delusion?, (CHRISTIANITY)
A Series of Unfortunate Events, Born to Run, The Hunger Games, Dreams From My Father, Unknown Soldier Vol 1. (MISC)