Web Design

Basic elements for class webpages:

1. author's name
2. date
3. links to related sites.  (author's homepage, class homepage, College homepage)


Writing for the Web : "The job of a writer is not to produce words, but to communicate with words. The writer helps to solve communication problems."

Some basics:
Kalamazoo College's Web 101 -- a tutorial on web pages [the basics presented in a graphics-heavy design; slow].

And the K portfolio page.

Beyond the basics:

Art and the Zen of web sites : practical philosophy for designing webpages. [useful suggestions; worth reading before adding any embellishments to your webpage.]

Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites-- A book-length website from Yale on many aspects of web design. [a good reference source]

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design : 10 common web design mistakes, with commentary.

Webpages that suck

Web page design for designers: a graphic artist's suggestions for improving web pages. [Pretty pages, but slow loading.]

Creating Killer Web Sites: make a "third generation" website by careful use of design elements.

Chuck Stull
March 1999
revised Feb 2003


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