Industrial Organization and Public Policy

Economics 275

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Professor Stull

Spring 2013

Industrial Organization studies the impact of market structure on strategy, conduct, and economic performance.  Monopolists, oligopolists, and competitors behave differently on pricing, entry, innovation, marketing, product differentiation, and other decisions.  These differences have important implications for economic efficiency and public policy.  Antitrust law, economic regulation and deregulation, public ownership and privatization have all been responses to industrial organization problems.

This course will use a series of industry studies to develop the theoretical framework of industrial organization, to examine economic problems related to each market structure, and to analyze public policy.  

This course will have three exams and a group presentation

Topic sheets from last time are available.  These will be updated before each exam.
Topics for Exam One

Topics for Exam Two 

Topics for Final Exam 


   North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)  A list of SIC codes , or search OSHA SIC code site

    US Census Bureau

    2002 Economic Census    1997 Economic Census

    Industry Concentration: CR4 and Herfindahl explained , Table of concentration ratios (pdf) [big and  slow to download]



        US Department of Agriculture

Whatever Happened to Standard Oil?


       Oil Online    


       American Iron and Steel Institute


    Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

    Federal Communication Commission
    Bell Phone History

    IBM Antitrust Suit Records

    United States v. Microsoft Dep't of Justice

    Microsoft Antitrust Case Documents National Association of Attorneys General



    American Airlines Predation case


Modern Brewery Age

Taking the Long View (United States brewing industry)(Interview with Robert S. Weinberg)
Craft Beer industry statistics

Other links
    Useful links for IO students, teachers and researchers from Luis Cabral

   Research Paper.  See this page for Industry Studies done in 2004

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