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Westnedge Avenue is Kalamazoo's strip. The typical stores-- Best Buy, Circuit City, Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart, Barnes and Nobles, Old Navy-- line Westnedge just south of the city line in the suburb of Portage. The expected franchise restaurants are in the same area-- Red Lobster, Panera, Olive Garden, Old Country Buffet, and many others. Kalamazoo's main shopping mall is Crossroads Mall, also on Westnedge but behind the first row of stores. (West Main Street on the other side of town provides a similar, but less extensive, retail selection.)

Downtown Kalamazoo is the site of the nation's first pedestrian mall. Like many other pedestrian malls, Kalamazoo's did not prevent suburban domination of the retail sector. In the Fall of 1998, the mall was re-opened to traffic. Some interesting local businesses-- Climb Kalamazoo, Gazelle Sports, and others-- remain along the mall (Burdick Street). The Epic Center  for the performing arts opened on Burdick, in the Spring of 2000.  The remodeled Kalamazoo Public Library is one block off the mall (at Rose and South streets). The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts , also recently rebuilt, is 2 blocks west on South Street. The Convention Center (on the mall at Main St.) has restaurants and the Radisson hotel. The  Kalamazoo Valley Museum is behind the convention center. A block further east is the "festival site": a remodeled parking lot that periodically hosts special events like Ribfest, Greekfest, and Music on the Mall. Live music can be found on a more regular basis at Club Soda (340 E. Michigan 342-8067) and the State Theater (406 S. Burdick 345-6500).

Just east of downtown, an old warehouse district is being revitalized by new businesses.
Bells Brewery (355 E. Kalamazoo Ave. 382-2332) and
Water Street Coffee Joint (315 E. Water 373-2840) (Now with another location on Oakland) pioneered the area.
Their popularity is attracting others, including another microbrewery, Kraftbrau.

Some favorite local businesses are scattered throughout the town.

Good restaurants include The Bank Street Farmers Market offers seasonal produce (west of Portage Ave. on Bank St. between Stockbridge and Reed streets).

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Kalamazoo's official homepage has links to city and county government agencies, to the Kalamazoo County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and other info. The City of Portage has its own homepage.

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Concerts and Plays:

Miller Auditorium : touring shows and WMU productions.

Kalamazoo Symphony

Kalamazoo Concert Band

Gilmore festival : international piano and keyboard competition and concerts.

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Gilmore Car Museum

Kalamazoo Valley Museum

Hunt's Highlights of Michigan is a comprehensive guidebook to attractions, activities, accommodations, and food around Michigan. [This isn't an online resource but local bookstores, like Athena (downtown on Burdick), carry the latest edition.]

Park Club (downtown Kalamazoo)

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