Just west of Ombey, looking against the direction of travel (9-7_27)

Just west of Ombey (9-7_26)

Cut at Peplin Mountain (10-28_18)

Rock formation between Peplin and Kelton, Table Mountain in distance (7-6_29)

Cemetery at Kelton (10-28_33)

Wheeler Survey Marker, Kelton (10-28_34)

Elephant Rock at Monument Point (DSC_4558)

Lone Rock at Monument Point (10-28_39)

Climbing up (former roadbed) to Promontory, west of GSNHS (10-28_41)

On former roadbed, west of GSHS, approaching Rozel (7-4_4)

On West Drive (within GSHS), looking against the direction of travel (7-4_6)

On West Drive—double cut (7-4_7)

On West Drive—UP’s unfinished cut, shows stair-step technique (7-4_8)

On West Drive, note competing roadbed (10-28_43)

“Ten Miles Of Track Laid In One Day” (7-4_10)

Golden Spike National Historic Site (10-30_22)

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