Kitchen Conversations
a recent documentary from Kalamazoo, MI, producer Dhera Strauss:

Professional women who have lived at least half a century invite us into their kitchens, where each prepares a recipe that reminds her of her family. While rolling out pie dough, frying tempura, or assembling tamale pie, they reflect upon food, lives lived, and lessons learned. Their stories illuminate such themes as thrift, real food, and the sensual pleasures of cooking, reminding us as well that our memories and our taste buds are often stirred together.

These episodes are woven together by a local baker's spirited account of making fruitcake as well as by original music composed for the film. As the stories and reflections build, an engaging portrait of a generation of women who launched their careers shortly after the rise of the feminist movement gradually takes shape.

Now available in two lengths: 88:00 and 57:53

NEWS NOTE: Sadly, on Feb. 25, 2012, Sarkozy Bakery was destroyed by a fire. After much consideration and an outpouring of community grief and support, Judy Sarkozy has decided to reopen in a new location. Several fundraising events are currently underway. Called "The Raising Dough" campaign, this included a public screening of "Kitchen Conversations."

View the Kitchen Conversations trailer and other screenings.
For recipes, you can either go to each participant's page or buy a booklet containing all the recipes from the documentary.

You are also welcome to share your own family recipe.


* Music by Susan Harrison; photos by Mary Whalen; graphic design by Amy Stermer.

* Kitchen Conversations is funded in part through the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo.

* In-kind support from Kalamazoo College.

* The premiere was on Friday, May 7, 2010, at WMU's Little Theatre, sponsored by the Kalamazoo Film Society.

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