Sacramento River, Sacramento (5-15_3)

Restored buildings of the Central Pacific, Old Sacramento (DSC_1224)

Judah Monument, Old Sacramento (5-15_4)

Arcade Creek, where the "mountains" begin (DSC_1347)

Rippey Road between Loomis and Penryn, California (10-5_2)

Former roadbed at Newcastle Cut (DSC_3718)

Bloomer Cut (DSC_3841)

Storefronts at Colfax (10-7_3)

Cape Horn from the Red Frog (10-7_6)

Tunnel Six, or "Summit Tunnel" (DSC_1574)

Vertical Shaft within Summit Tunnel (DSC_1570)

Donner Lake from Summit, Tunnels Seven and Eight Visible (10-7_8)

China Wall and Tunnel Eight, just east of Donner Summit (5-15_10)

Interior of Tunnel Seven, looking toward Eight (DSC_1621)

From Glenshire Drive bridge, east of Truckee (11-7_1)

Former roadbed, crossing the Truckee River, Wadsworth (11-6_21)