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teaching perspectives inventory

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory is a tool developed to reflect on one's teaching philosophy. I believe it summarizes accurately my approach, highlighting my tendency to focus on the 'developmental' and 'apprenticeship' aspects. I strive to push students toward more complex thinking (a trait shared by 'developmental' teachers) and to create science practitioners (and not just science learners). It does also point out areas that could be strengthened, like “social reform” or teaching to effect societal change. I look forward to learning from the Science and Social Justice group and their future events.

implicit biases

Implicit biases are subtle attitudes and stereotypes that can impact how we behave toward others. A very good summary can be found here. Implicit biases can tint decision-making, judgments, and behaviors.

An effective way of addressing implicit biases is to acknowledge their existence. The folks at Project Implicit developed an online tool to explore one's implicit biases. Below are results of relevant Implicit Association Tests to 'put it all out there'. I try hard to create structures and procedures to minimize their intrusion in my interactions with students and colleagues.

Skin tone

Slight automatic preference for dark skinned people over light skinned people [screenshot]

Gender and science

Moderate automatic association for male with science and female with liberal arts [screenshot]

Gender and career

Strong automatic association for male with career and female with family [screenshot]


Strong automatic preference for young people over old people [screenshot]