fish ecology lab

kalamazoo college

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  • santiago

    favorite cartoon

    captain tsubasa

    santiago salinas

    Santiago is an assistant professor in the Biology Department at Kalamazoo College. He teaches various courses on vertebrate ecology and studies evolutionary ecology, mostly on fishes. He swears without meaning to and finds it weird to write about himself in the third person. You can find more about him here.

  • anna

    fun fact

    has watched Finding Nemo, like, 50 times

    anna gambetta

    Anna (left) is an undergraduate student at K majoring in biology and minoring in English. She has elected not to study abroad in favor of being an RA (read: a part-time mom) in DeWaters Hall. In rare moments of free time, she is probably either browsing the internet for memes or hanging out at a barn and annoying the resident animals.

  • grace

    fun fact

    she's in a bluegrass band

    grace hancock

    Grace is majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. She has studied abroad for a short term program in the Dominican Republic and is looking forward to a longer Ecuador program in the fall. To stay busy she enjoys swimming and playing violin (but not at the same time). She hopes to pursue some form of conservation biology in the pacific northwest and is especially excited by marine biology.

  • tony

    fun fact

    Lorem ipsum

    tony yazbeck

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