presentation advice

There's a lot out there written about preparing scientific presentations (poster or oral). Here I will link to what I think is good advice and will collate resources I have found useful.


Website Description
Colin Purrington's poster advice Must read. NOW
Better Posters Good advice + critiques of posters people submit (also check out his e-book on presentation tips here)
Langin 2017 Your presentation should be a story. This article describes the "and, but, therefore" framework. Definitely worth a read
Kevin Lafferty's oral presentation advice The 'Outlines' and 'Delivery' sections are so good (so is the appendix)
Todd Reubold's oral presentation tips Worth spending the 28 mins (especially before starting a presentation). Sound advice
How many slides do people really remember? An actual study on what people remember from a powerpoint presentation -- interesting
All the 'Points of View' articles from Nature Methods Good advice collection on data visualization
Remove to improve Excellent graphing advice
Clear off the table Excellent table-making advice (from the same guys)


Website Description
Colour Lovers Used it a lot for setting up slide color schemes
Material Palette Another way of picking a palette
Design Seeds And yet another way!
Pictaculous Creates a palette from a photo
Excel Color Picker Color selection help for plots in Excel


Website Description
bioicons Biology-focused collection of SVG graphics
The Noun Project Excellent resource for simple icon graphics
PhyloPic Similar to the Noun Project graphics, but exclusively of living critters
Resource cards Great collection of photos, fonts, icons, textures, etc.
Creative Commons Search All kinds of stuff under CC license
Medium's collection Collection of stock photo websites that don't suck
Designskilz's collection Same as above
Free Images Good source of free stock photos
The Royal Society Picture Library Sometimes old images come in handy
Background Burner To quickly remove background from images


Website Description
Typetester Quickly check different fonts
Wordmark See a word/phrase in a lot of fonts
WhatTheFont If you need to identify the name of a font
Identifont Another font ID tool
Google Fonts Lots of fonts for download
DaFont Lots of fonts for download
Font Squirrel Lots of fonts for download
Abstract Fonts Lots of fonts for download
The Big Book of Font Combinations Excellent resource for pairing fonts (stop by my office if you want to see the book)


Website Description
Wordle Word clouds based on frequency of ocurrence (a bit overplayed now)
Tagxedo Like Wordle, but with different options
Prezi Some people swear by it, some people think it's terrible... at the end of the day, it's just a tool like PowerPoint or Keynote (but if you're going to use it, this is a must read)
Map-It Good tool to create simple maps
Pulp-o-Mizer You never know when you'll need to use something like this

Old presentations

It helps to look at what other people have done and decide things you like and don't

Website Description
ASLO 2011 Short research presentation (~15 min)
SCCS 2010 Extra short (4 min) research presentation - entirely in haiku! (proud of this one)
NYMSC 2009 Poster
UOP 2015 Another poster
MEEC 2022 The 'social media' poster